Guide To Buy Electric Skateboards

There are different types of skateboards are electric skateboards are popular when compared to the manual ones. It is better to see few review here on various skateboards before you purchase one for yourself.

Skateboards are not only fun for humans, but also for dogs. You can read articles on how dogs enjoy skateboards and the list of new Skateboard Parks in
Electric bikes are more efficient than skateboards, but they occupy more space, which is a disadvantage. Hence it is hard to have the intermodal transportation choice.

Electric Skateboard Power board
The general rule of thumb is that you can buy what you paid. If you buy a less powerful, lightweight skateboard, then it will work on high-speed, but you can’t rely on that completely. Wireless controller may provide you enough freedom, but you should be ready to sacrifice your safety for that purpose. The maximum speed you can traverse through is 20 miles per hour. The efficient motor power rating is around 400 watts or more as anything less than that will result in reduced power. If you have a human power of more than 150watts, then you can expect a continuous output. There is no use of buying a skateboard, which has the same power as you.

In most of the boards, the braking is good. In the normal skateboards, your feet is the only brake, and there are no actual brakes as such. A major plus in electric skateboards is that they have a good quality brake.

The motors fixed in these boards are powerful, and they last for a longer time. You can buy Curtis 1208 for $150, and if you need a controller programmer, then the price would be $200. If you pay $300, you can get the whole set of skateboards which has 5k ohm potentiometers.

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