Grip And The Absolute Need For Them In Playing Golf

Even before you swing a golf club, the first thing a beginner has to learn is to hold and grip the club correctly. It is a primary teaching of golf. It is for this reason that installing the perfect grip for you to the club is so vital. tapeless installation is, at present, the best way to apply grips to a club without wasting any. To do a bit of research on the best grips take a look at Here we will talk about the reason a proper grip is essential to playing golf. A defective grip may seem more comfortable to the player, but if the idea is to make consistent shots that improve the game, then a proper grip is needed.

A grip that is perfect for the player gives more control over the club. A good grip will make sure that as the golf club is swung, the grip stays and the hands do not slide down. With a good grip, you have enough control that neither hand lets go of the club. A tip here is to hold the club in such a manner that the pressure is applied through:
• Right hand’s ring and middle finger
• Last 3 fingers of the left hand

An excellent grip that is installed perfectly will ensure that both hands of the player work in sync to deliver the best shot. The grip will not only build the speed as the club swings but also make sure that the head of the club meets the ball at a square angle. The two together will give you an accurate and consistent shot. The trick here is to use two types of grips:

• Overlapping – right hand’s smallest finger fits in the space between the first and second finger of the left hand. This is for right handed players. The inverse applies for left- handed players.

• Interlocking – the little finger of the right-hand interlocks with the first finger of the left hand.

These are the grips used by beginners and professional players. A trick for learners is to keep both their hands as close as possible while gripping the golf club. Make sure you are comfortable with the grip. If your hold on the club is too tight, it will build tension along the length of your arm and into your shoulders. This will hinder the capability to swing freely and completely. A good grip on the club will help you keep the hold secure yet light enough that the club head gains maximum speed along with power.

Even the flight of the ball depends upon the grip you have on the club. It is on the position of the player’s hand that will encourage either a left to right flight or a right to left one. The golf course is rarely smooth. It is full of hazards that need to be avoided. Knowing how to curve a ball can help achieve this. Furthermore, there will be holes that bend in a particular direction making it even more important to control your grip.

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